The quest for a man-boy to find the greatest of melbourne's food.


Cheap eats for the hungry hungry student.

I think these three places in Melbourne really highlight the range of cheap eateries available. All very delicious.

Port Phillip Arcade (Kim Sing)

Across from Flinders St, on one of the most infamous arcades, is the infamous of the “Chinese Joint” (no, seriously on one knows what it’s called) at Port Phillip Arcade. Through the authentic creperie and sushi establishment lays best bang for your buck. The most common meal eaten here is the classic chicken steak with rice. Two generously proportioned, moist and crispy chicken fillets cooked by your favourite Asian housewives served with a simple fried rice and incredible sauce (of unknown origin). This dish is ordered so much that one time before I even said chicken steak, there was plate already waiting for me. The best part: six dollars. That’s six dollars, that’s a third of the price of a ticket to Avatar, and will probably leave you much more satisfied. Be careful the service is horrendous and often offends.

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 UPDATE: As of 5/10/10 (last time I went) the food prices has risen to $7.20. Still relatively cheap but.. I don’t know it’s up to judgement whether it is still to scratch.

Ramen – Ya between the hours of 3 and 5pm

In the food alleyway of the GPO building is a collection of Melbourne’s best takeaway eateries. But most of them are pretty pricey and suited to those suit wearing squares. However, come in to Ramen-Ya between 3pm and 5pm and grab a large, hearty bowl of noodles for $6.50. The recommended bowl is the Tonkotsu Ramen: a rich pork broth smothers homemade Japanese noodles and is topped off with melt in your mouth, marinated grilled pork belly. Artery stopping goodness. They also have other choices which are pretty damn good, such as pork cutlets and chicken teriyaki and rice, which also around the $6.50 in the happy hours.

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Your Nearest McDonald’s

Wait, wait. What? The master gourmet’s suggestion for cheap eats is your run of the mill fast food joint? Yes, but this is not any dish off the menu, it’s a special order. It’s like that thing back in primary school that only the cool kids knew about. It is the almighty McChicken Patty. Priced at a measly $1.70, the patty is the approximate size and volume of FOUR McNuggets. With the skills I gained from Mathematical Methods (CAS) I approximate that is almost 4000 times cheaper! If your underpaid McDonald’s ‘waiter’ has no idea what you’re talking about, just tell them the patty it’s under condiments; you’ll thank me later. 

[This one has no Urbanspoon page, suprising, I know]

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